Grice, SCDNR, and NOAA Publications

Often considered the “Gray Literature” of scholarship, the research and project publications of marine science agencies are an important part of the body of research knowledge. Some key terms to understand are:

  • Contributions – the publications that researchers of a specific agency have made in their field of research. These are usually published in scholarly journals, but a bibliography and/or repository of these specific contributions may also be maintained by a library. MRL maintains files of Grice Marine Lab and SCDNR researcher contributions.
  • Reports – one time or serial publications, often internal to an agency. The purpose may be varied – to inform decision making, to document change over time, to inform the public, or to support a specific project or grant. Reports can be very varied in nature, purpose, and target audience. MRL maintains a bibliography and has holdings of a variety of SCDNR reports.

Grice Marine Lab contributions (College of Charleston)

Grice Marine Lab student theses (College of Charleston)

NOAA NCCOS contributions (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science).

SCDNR contributions and reports (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division)