Things are Afoot in the Stacks!

Things are afoot in the stacks at the MRL! If you enter the library any time soon, you may see some strange sights. A convoy of book carts, large swathes of empty shelving, measurements being made.

Book cart in the stacks

Convoy of loaded book carts


We’re tackling a major collection shift to condense the entire book collection onto the SpaceSaver mobile shelving. This will enable us to remove the three fixed shelf ranges to free up floor space for seating in the short term and new initiatives in the future. If you’re using the mobile shelves, please pay extra attention to ensuring the aisles are empty before moving the ranges. People, book carts, and kick stools are in the open aisle much of the time at the moment. Also, please do not remove any temporary notices that you see on shelves, carts, etc. We plan to move 40,000 books without any hitches!


Three fixed shelf ranges